About the Journal

Journal Policies

Policy of Publication

Submission of the article foresees that the manuscript has never been published before nor has it ever been sent to be published elsewhere. The authors retain the property right of the manuscript, while the right of the first publication is entitled to the journal/publisher. Authors have a right to reuse, publish, archive and disseminate their article after the publication. The journal/publisher is not responsible for the further dissemination of the published article. Authors allow the publisher to use DOI for their article and archive them in a database.

Sections of the Journal

  • Economics of Innovation;
  • Economic Theory;
  • Monetary, Investment and Banking Policies;
  • Social Sphere;
  • Sectoral and Regional Economics;
  • Economics of Industry Market;
  • Business Administration – Management, Marketing, Accounting.
  • The World Economy;
  • History of Economics.

Frequency of Publication

The journal is published 3 times/year.

Peer Reviewing Process

The submitted manuscript is initially reviewed by the editors.  At this stage, the manuscript may be rejected if it does not comply with the journal requirements, does not correspond to the journal’s scope or is not original work. The manuscript, which meets the minimum requirements for the publication is handed to one of the reviewers. The reviewer should evaluate the content of the manuscript, its originality, relevance, whether the manuscript is scientifically sound, the recommendations previously issued are taken into account and the manuscript fits into the journal’s scope. The review period is 15 working days. Reviewers Form  

Publication Ethics

Authors should submit the manuscripts that are in compliance with the best-practice and the code, in order to ensure the high quality of scientific publications and gain the society’s trust toward scientific breakthroughs. Ethical guidelines applied to authors include openness about funding and any conflict of interest, actual or potential.

Conflict of Interest

Editors, members of the editorial board and reviewers are required to report actual or anticipated conflict of interest, in order to undertake relevant measures. The policy provides a framework under which a chief editor, members of the editorial board and reviewers can systematically manage conflicts of interest as soon as they arise. 

Plagiarism Policy

Copying of even one sentence from another author’s article or a previously published article without citing appropriately is considered to be plagiarism. The journal takes a responsibility to publish only the original works, that has not been published or reviewed by another publisher. The journal uses a software to detect plagiarism in the submitted manuscripts.


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